Blog Plague

So I’ve been out with Blog Plague, since about a week after I started this blog. What I mean: I’m one of those people, you know the kind, who start something with full… Continue reading

Puff Pillow

Today has been awesome for several reasons: 1. I have a job interview 2. Local business is willing to sell my afghans in their online shop 3. Bought tickets to see the Melvins 4. I… Continue reading

I found a reason to own 50 Cent’s Live Free or Die Tryin’

To understand my excitement about 50 Cent’s CD, you first need to take a look at the inspiration for this project. Everybody, Cristina Vasconcellos: So, naturally, I see nice things like this, then… Continue reading

Amazing Thread Crochet Tablecloth

How could you not think this is amazing? While visiting some distant relatives, I discovered crochet masterpiece after crochet masterpiece- and this is by far my favorite. Mostly because I suck balls at… Continue reading

Were you aware dinosaurs roared?

Hello, hello. Quick post to let the internet crocheting world know: I’m back. Here, and ready to splatter the pages of this blog with yarn, projects, and probably cats. The cats thing will… Continue reading