Amazing Thread Crochet Tablecloth

!How could you not think this is amazing?

While visiting some distant relatives, I discovered crochet masterpiece after crochet masterpiece- and this is by far my favorite. Mostly because I suck balls at thread crochet. My left hand has a hard time holding the thread- fuck that hand, man.

!!It only took a few minutes of study to figure out how to make this beaut. Honestly, the hardest part was figuring out how to join the motifs- until I discovered it’s join as you go. Now that I’m making one, joining continues to be the hardest part, as all those freaking loops are hard to keep track of.

!!!Here’s a close up- can you figure out how to make this motif? A future post will have the lacy-blanket I’m making with this pattern, and I may or may not post the directions for it. Haven’t yet found out how good/bad my pattern writing skills are!