I found a reason to own 50 Cent’s Live Free or Die Tryin’

To understand my excitement about 50 Cent’s CD, you first need to take a look at the inspiration for this project. Everybody, Cristina Vasconcellos:

Crochet Mandala over recycled CD

Click picture to go to her Flickr, where more colorful crochet resides.

So, naturally, I see nice things like this, then turn my head to look at my damned ugly kitchen, and say to myself… Ayuh. Enter: Embroidery floss and 50 Cent.

Green MandalaBefore you go thinking I have terrible taste in music, I picked up 50 Cent from a 99 cent grab bag from a local music store a couple years ago. You get all sorts of gems in those grab bags. Like G.I. Joe: Stories of Patriotic Americans.

Sun MandalaI used crochet thread, and looped them back and forth along the back. For now, I’ve stuck magnets between the thread and the CD, and my pretty little mandalas are hanging on the fridge. I’m thinking about making one for each kitchen cabinet, as they’re ugly and brown. Will post again with progress, motherfuckers.

Red Manala