Puff Pillow

Today has been awesome for several reasons:

1. I have a job interview

2. Local business is willing to sell my afghans in their online shop

3. Bought tickets to see the Melvins

4. I am loving working on this puff stitch pillowcase

In my efforts to get rid of some of the brown in my new apartment, I decided to use some leftover, brightly colored cotton to make some pillow covers. This crochet motifs book is AWESOME, by the way, I use it all the time, including in this project. I wanted to do something textured, and something airy as a dark brown base would come in handy in bringing out the colors even more.

I was thinking that the yellow was too bright in comparison to the other colors- anybody else have thoughts on this? Was also thinking about using a zipper on one edge so I can take the cover off the pillow and wash it. Not sure yet. Still have one more side to go, will post with the finished project.